(Re)Writing Student Engagement: Design Thinking in and for Composition Courses 

What is this site?

This website is a toolkit for how to implement design thinking into your composition courses.

Design thinking and writing studies paired togethers offers a relatively new approach to teaching writing. How does it work? What does design thinking offer writing studies? This site answers that question.

Instructors of writing/composition may benefit most from the resources gathered here, though any teachers could use design thinking to create their course.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a human-centered way of approaching problems.

There are 5 guiding steps—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test—all intended to frame the way we think about how to impact or even solve a problem based on its context and the people involved.

To learn more, read my Introduction, which includes a literature review and orientation of how the design thinking framework came to be.

About Me

Hi, I’m Sophie Grabiec.

I’m an English M.A. candidate studying writing pedagogy at Georgetown University. This site is my thesis project.

I also work as a Graduate Associate for the Apprenticeship in Teaching Program at the Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship (CNDLS). With one foot in writing studies scholarship and the other in the scholarship of teaching and learning, I’ve found a home in studying theories in writing pedagogy.

What interests me most—and what I hope to glean from writing a thesis on design thinking—is how instructional design and shaping classroom context can foster student agency. My foremost inquiries are grounded in students having command over their learning, and I believe tenets of design-thinking are conducive to this type of classroom. 

Next, after graduating, I want to do it! I look forward to teaching writing as a design endeavor to my future students.