How to Start Designing

Before attempting a design endeavor, as with all pedagogical moves, ensure that what you’re implementing is informed, intentional, and planned. Prime your work in teaching design thinking in composition courses with Tara Lockhart & Mark Roberge’s Informed Choices: A Guide for Teachers of College Writing.

A bit of “meta” work will be happening in this guide, as you’ll be led through how to develop a course—or perhaps a reiteration of one you hope to rework—using the very process you’ve sought to learn about. To begin, click on either a hexagon to the right, or use the top menu and select a design thinking step.

After providing general definitions and goals, this site offers each design thinking step two methods of framing:

  • Design Your Course using the guidance of design questions, and
  • Explore Student Work, seeing how students can engage with the same thinking process to practice writing.

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